December 18, 2011

Hand Reflexology : Just Move Your Mouse Over the I...

Hand Reflexology : Just Move Your Mouse Over the I...: What is Acupressure? Acupressure is known by a variety of different names including: Reflexology Concentrated Massage Zone Therapy Shiat...

Reiki Hand Positions for Treating Others

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a form of treatment technique used as a complementary therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental illnesses. This practice is based around the understanding that life is supported by an unseen, life-force energy (Ki). When this energy is low, one is likely to become ill. Practitioners use this life force energy channeled through their hands to bring about relaxation and healing to the patient. Reiki healing has been widely known to have positive (sometimes miraculous) effects in treating virtually every known illness and is always beneficial to the patient being treated.

Reiki Hand Positions

Position 1
Place your hands together over the eyes. Cup your hands gently so that the palms do not touch the eyes, which can be uncomfortable for the client. Rest the base of your hands on the forehead, and allow the tip of your fingers to rest very lightly on the cheeks. If your hands start to sweat put a cloth or paper tissue above the eyes.

Position 2A
Cup your hands gently around each ear.

Position 2B (optional)
Rest your hands on the crown of the head.

Position 3
Slide your hands gently under the head. Hold the head with the hands together and the fingers extending towards the neck. Cup your fingers around the skull touching its base with your fingertips.

Position 4AWrap your thumb under the neck and rest your hands and fingers over the collarbone.

Position 4B (alternate)
Wrap your hands lightly around the chin and throat.

Position 5
Gently slide your left hand under the neck. Place your right hand over the heart.

Position 6
Rest your hands on the upper stomach. Place the fingers of one hand under the base of the other hand to connecting the flow of healing energy.

Position 7
Slide both hands to the middle area of the stomach.

Position 8
Slide your hands one more time placing them over the lower abdomen over the hip bones.

Position 9Use both hands to hold the right foot.

Position 10
Use both hands to hold the other foot.

Position 11
Now hold both feet using both hands in any way that's comfortable for you.

Position 12
At this point ask your patient to flip to the prone position. Place your hands over the upper back keeping your fingers close together.

Position 13Rest your hands on the upper back. Place the fingers of one hand under the base of the other hand to connecting the flow of healing energy.

Position 14
Slide both hands to the middle back.

Position 15ASlide both hands on more time Slide your hands down one more time placing them on the lower back.

Position 15B (optional)
Place hands behind the heart and on the lower back.

December 16, 2011

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October 8, 2011

Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Price in India (Rs/INR)

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June 26, 2011

Auction and Bidding Sites : Fake ? ? ? ?

Hi Folks....

Do check this complains and clarification before putting your hard earned money on the following sites :


The Complaint and Clarification can be found in the below link :

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June 17, 2011


The wait is over at last. The results of Mumbai (Maharashtra) State SSC Board would be announced today i.e. 17th June 2011 at 1:00 pm. The online results can be found on the below Links :


Best of Luck to All.

May 23, 2011

Online Application for Certificates - Maharashtra - Mumbai

Apply Your Certificates online here ..

  1. Senior Citizens Certificate Online Application Form
  2. Income Certificate Online Application Form
  3. Caste Certificate Online Application Form
  4. Caste Certificate (ST) Application Form
  5. Non Creamy Layer Certificate Application Form
  6. Domicile Certificate Application Form

Please read carefully:
  1. The facility to apply through internet in Setu Center of Mumbai city is available on
  2. Before applying through the said website, please ensure that the following technical contents are available on your computer
  3. Please use Internet Explorer 7/Internet Explorer 8/Mozilla Firefox
  4. Select the option in Internet Explorer-View-Encoding-Unicode (UTF-8)
  5. Select Tools-Compatibility View in Internet Explorer. Please ensure that this option is having = symbol. Through this option you can see the Marathi Words properly
  6. It is necessary to install the Acrobat Reader on your computer.
  7. Citizens can apply through internet for 5 types of certificates as mentioned below:-
    • Income Certificate for last 1 financial year.
    • Income Certificate for last 3 financial years.(Non-Creamy Layer)
    • Domicile Certificate
    • Senior Citizen Certificate
    • Caste Certificate
    • Click on the Application Form for which you are seeking
    • Required documents for certificate will be display on your computer.
    • Application Form should be typed in English
    • After Clicking on " Submit" option, you will get an Unique ID Number & you will get the Date & Time for submission of Application form, Original required documents in Setu Center.
  8. The certificate received from Setu center should be checked & verified & if you find any discrepancy in the same, please contact the Back Office of Setu Center.
  9. If the Applicant has made any mistake while filling the form online, then it is his responsibility to bring it to the notice of the Scrutiny Clerk / Back Office personnel, before the certificate is sent for approval, so that the same can be rectified.

Source :

April 29, 2011 :: Panchang for Mumbai, Maharastra 2011 :: Panchang for Mumbai, Maharastra 2011

ASTRAL REMEDIES : Easy Way For Living a Happier Life

To appease the malefic planets by the way of doing charities & propitiations. Through these certain & ritual charities both the transit and natal malefic planets will appease. You know in transit the planets are on their path, they make aspect and conjunction to each other. Whenever the malefic transit planets form an aspect & conjunction in the transit & nativity, it creates hurdles & obstructions in giving the results of the benefic planets. If any person do these certain ritual remedies every morning (it will take only 5-10 minutes only) it will help in reducing the evil malefic impact of the malefic planets and allow the benefic planets to shower their significance on the native. These remedies (propitiations) have to be performed before breakfast, after bath. The results depends on the faith in performing these remedies. One remedy for each planet is generally sufficient for reducing the evil impact of malefic planet. If afflictions are severe other optional remedies have to be also performed. In the case of children, bed-ridden ,old-aged people these remedies can be performed by other family members of the native.

Offer water to Sun and Surya Namaskar at the time of Sunrise. Offer wet wheat with jiggery (gur) on Sundays or everyday, depends on the affliction in the chart. Offer service to father & father in law.

Offer fresh water to birds daily. Offer some flour dough to cow on Mondays or daily, depends on the affliction in the chart. Offer service to Mother. 

Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa for five to ten minutes or meditation daily in the morning. Help younger brothers and servants.

Offer sweet chapatti/bread to birds daily.
Offer services to leprosy patients. 

Offer yellow sweets or  ladoos to birds daily.
Offer water to Pipal tree daily except Sunday
or on Thursday. Offer service to preceptor or guru.

Offer salted Chapatti/bread laced with mustard oil daily. Offer water to Pipal tree on Saturdays or daily except Sundays. Offer some salted snacks to birds daily. Take care of servants & poor people in distress.

Offer water to Tulsi (Basil) plant daily except Sunday.
Help students in distress.Offer donations to orphan homes once a month.

Offer plain chapatti/bread/milk to stray dog daily.
Offer service to elderly people & saints.

Offer sweets or sweet rice to birds daily.
Donate silken clothes. Be patient in listening to wife.

April 23, 2011


MHADA Housing Information (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q 1 .Give brief information about Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority.  
Ans.  Government of Maharashtra founded Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority (MHADA) by passing an enactment to carry out the works of housing and Area Development across the state. There are nine regional boards under the jurisdiction of the Authority namely- Mumbai Housing and Area Development Board, Mumbai Buildings Repair and Reconstruction Board, Slum Improvement Board, Konkan Board, besides Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Amravati are the regional boards
The jurisdiction of Mumbai Housing and area Development Board is limited upto Dahisar and Mulund.
The regional board shares the responsibility of works like Housing , development of the land, distribution /allotment of tenements or plots , maintenance, transfer of tenancy and lease agreement, and sale of deed i.e. conveyance of societies and other as per the provisions in the Authority's act of 1976 and as per the provision made in regulation in 1981 by the state Government (and the changes made from time to time herein).
Q 2.How to and where to apply to get the possession of tenement or developed plot of the housing Boards ?
Ans:    The tenements /houses constructed by MHADA (Estate Management , selling,Conveyance, Transfer of tenements) are sold under provisions of Regulation 1981 by giving advertisement in the Newspaper by inviting applications. In the advertisement an appeal is made to public to buy the printed application forms in prescribed format by MHADA and submit them in given time.
Q 3. After the application how the tenements or plots are distributed?
Ans :  After the acceptance of application forms, scrutiny of the forms is done to check the first hand eligibility of the applicant and after that a date is declared through the newspapers for the lottery.
Q 4. Has Authority appointed any agents or brokers to sell its tenements ?
Ans :   No. Authority has not appointed any broker or agents to sell the tenements constructed by the Mumbai Housing and area Development Board. The marketing department of the board is capable and well equipped with sufficient staff and machinary. To sell the houses constructed by the boards, it takes help of certain Banks to sell and accept the application form from the public at its various branches. All the changes from time to time are made to public through advertisements.
Q. 5. Can I apply at any time to get the flat?
Ans:     No You can not. Because to sell the flats available with MHADA, an advertisement is given in the newspaper which will give all the details( kindly refer to Q. 2  for details.)
Q. 6. Can Husband and wife apply for the house separately?
Ans:    Husband and wife has freedom to apply separately and in more than one code numbers on certain terms and conditions. The couple has to declare their respective earnings in the application forms. If the wife is not earning then she can apply independently for the house by declaring the income of her husband. But if the husband and wife are selected in the lottery at both the places, they can be allotted only one flat from the lottery. The applicant has to surrender one of the flats to the Authority. Else the authority will take back/confiscate all the property allotted by it and legally sue the applicant as per the procedure.
Q.7.    What are the income limitations for applying for these flats.
Ans:     The Authority has set certain limitation for the allotment of its tenements. Before the  allotment of the tenements the applicant's income is at  first taken into consideration. The authority has decided  three income groups -- LIG, MIG and HIG .       
The income limitation for these categories are as follows.
A)Economically Weaker SectionBelow Rs. 8000 /-
B) Lower Income GroupBetween-Rs.8,001/- to Rs. 12,000/-
C)Middle Income GroupBetween-Rs.12,001/- to Rs. 20,000/-
D)Higher Income GroupBetween- Rs.20,001/- and above
Q. 8.  Do we need to pay any amount and any document along with the application form?
Ans:     The applicant is not suppose to submit any document along with the application  form but he/she will have to pay an amount called EMD. The details of the EMD would be mentioned in the advertisement and the information booklet, which will be given along with the application form.
Q 9.   When and what documents are required to be submitted to get the allotment of the flat.?
Ans:     A successful applicant in the lottery system, will receive an intimation letter wherein the list of documents will be mentioned. The applicant is asked to submit these documents to fix his/her eligibility. The list documents is as follows"
  1. Domicile Certificate
  2. Income Certificate
  3. Affidavit for income(self employed who are not paying IT)
  4. Affidavit of Income of Spouse(Incase of joint application)
  5. Affidavit for income in addition to the income from employment
  6. Birth Certificate / School Leaving Certificate / Election Card.
Q. 10. Who can apply for the MHADA's tenements?
Ans:     The applicant who wants to apply for the tenements of the MHADA should fulfill following criterion :
  1. .Applicant’s age shall be more than 18 years
  2. Applicant shall obtain Domicile Certificate from Competent  Authority.
  3. Applicant or his spouse should not own a residential property in his /her name in the Jurisdiction of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

Q. 11. How the Successful candidate in the lottery gets the flat?
Ans:     When the lottery is declared, the successful applicant receives intimation letter according to which , the applicant has to submit documents asked in the letter.  The MHADA, on the basis of those document fixes the eligibility of the Applicant. 
Q. 12. What all elements are included in the monthly installments after the Allotment of the flat?
Ans : If the tenement is allotted on the lease rent basis then following elements are prominently included equal installments on remaining amount
  1. Maintenance
  2. Land rent
  3. Civic tax
  4. N.A. tax
  5. Service tax
    • water Rates
    • extra expences on water supply like water pump
    • cleanliness and sweeping
    • street lighting
Q. 13. Does the housing board has any reservations while allotting flats?
Ans:     The authority constructing houses for all strata of society on social housing concept, definitely has reservation quotas as follows :
1) a) Scheduled Caste and Neo-buddhist
   b) Scheduled Tribes
  c) Nomadic Tribes
  d) De-notified Tribes
1 1/2 %
1 1/2 %
2) Journalist
3) Freedom Fighter
4) Handicapped/seriously ill, in desperate need of a house
5) Those employees or the next of kin of those employees of Defence or BSF who have been killed or disabled or declared missing in  indo-china war of 1962 or indo-pak war of 1965 or 1971 and the relatives of those personnel disabled in these war or                                    
6) Ex-servicemen and their dependents
7)All sitting and ex-members of parliament, State Legislative assembly, legislative council 
8)Mhada employees
9) State government employees, and employees of all statutory bords, Authorities and corporation etc.
(excluding MHADA) under the state government including those who have already retired.
10) Central govt employees occupying staff quarters and due or retirement within three years or those who have already retired
11) Artists in films, television, stage-drama, tamasha and radio and also those engaged in performing arts
including painters , sculptors, craftsmen, musician (both vocal and instrumental ) dancers , poets kawwals or mimics.
12) Government desires
General Public
14. Can an application made for one reserved category is exchanged against another reserved category?
Ans:   No. The application made in one particular reserved category can not be exchanged with another reserved category. The scrutinized application received for the reserved categories if are less in number then can be considered for Scheduled caste category but the remaining tenements in other reserved categories can be converted into general public category.
15. Can the applicant remain present at the drawal of the lottery?
Ans: yes he/she can.
16. In how many days , the EMD is returned.?
Ans : After the lottery is declared the EMD is returned in a period of two weeks.


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