August 16, 2013

Cooking Delicious Festival Recipes At Home

Here are some delicious festival recipes with details of the Ingredients as well as the Method for cooking and making the dish. You will find detailed cooking information for the below mouth watering recipes  :
  1. Coconut Kozukottai
  2. Gingelly Seed (ellu) Kozukottai
  3. Dal Kozukottai
  4. Savoury Kozukottai
  5. Pidi Kozukottai
  6. Steamed Modak
  7. Ukdee Che Modak (Rice modak)
  8. Pooran Poli
  9. Pancha Kajjaya
  10. Motichoor Ladoo
  11. Rice Kheer
  12. Milk Poli
  13. Kaju Burfi
  14. Rava Ladoo
  15. Doodh Peda
  16. Nan Khatai
  17. Bhoondhi Ladoo
  18. Sheera
  19. Moong Dal Halwa
  20. Kadboli
  21. Khopra Karanji
  22. Besan ke Ladoo
  23. Coconut Poli
  24. Tukdi
  25. Easy Chakli
  26. Appam
  27. Urad Vada
  28. Maida Muruku
  29. Sundal
  30. Mor Kuzhambu

Coconut Kozukottai
Coconut - 1 big
Powdered jaggery - ½ cup
Cardamom powder - ¼ cup
Grate the coconut finely.
Mix jaggery with ¼ cup of water, stir over a low flame till dissolved. Strain through a
thin cloth.
Place the liquid on fire a boil till it forms a thick syrup.
Add coconut and cook till the mixture is firm enough to shape into balls.
Add cardamom powder and allow to cool.
For Covering
Sift the rice flour to ensure that there are no lumps. Boil 4 cups of water with 1 tsp salt
and 2 tsps of oil (preferably gingelly oil) remove from fire, add 2 cups of flour, stirring
the mixture well with a wooden stick or the handle of a wooden spoon or churner, to
make a smooth lump. Continue to add more rice flour ½ cup at a time and mix till you
have a smooth, soft ball which is not sticky.
To test, cool a small lump and see if it can be flattened easily on the palm into a pliable thin disc. If it is sticky, ad more flour. Cover the dough with a wet cloth to prevent it from drying while you prepare the filling.
Gingelly Seed (ellu) Kozukottai
White gingelly seeds - ½ cup
Jaggery powder - ½ cup
Cardamom powder - ¼ cup
Roast the gingelly seeds till they begin to pop.
Cool and powder in the mixer.
Add jaggery powder and cardamom powder and run the mixer for few seconds till the
mixture is well combined.
For Covering
Sift the rice flour to ensure that there are no lumps. Boil 4 cups of water with 1 tsp salt
and 2 tsps of oil (preferably gingelly oil) remove from fire, add 2 cups of flour, stirring
the mixture well with a wooden stick or the handle of a wooden spoon or churner, to
make a smooth lump. Continue to add more rice flour ½ cup at a time and mix till you
have a smooth, soft ball which is not sticky.
To test, cool a small lump and see if it can be flattened easily on the palm into a pliable
thin disc. If it is sticky, ad more flour. Cover the dough with a wet cloth to prevent it
from drying while you prepare the filling.
Dal Kozukottai
Tuvar dal - ½ cup
Jaggery powder - 1/3 cup
Cardamom powder - ¼ tsp
Grated coconut - ¼ cup
Wash the dal and cook in plenty of water till it is just soft but not mushy. ( avoid over
cooking )
Strain, mix with jaggery and mash to a coarse paste.
Mix in the grated coconut.
For Covering
Sift the rice flour to ensure that there are no lumps. Boil 4 cups of water with 1 tsp salt
and 2 tsps of oil (preferably gingelly oil) remove from fire, add 2 cups of flour, stirring
the mixture well with a wooden stick or the handle of a wooden spoon or churner, to
make a smooth lump. Continue to add more rice flour ½ cup at a time and mix till you
have a smooth, soft ball which is not sticky.
To test, cool a small lump and see if it can be flattened easily on the palm into a pliable
thin disc. If it is sticky, ad more flour. Cover the dough with a wet cloth to prevent it
from drying while you prepare the filling.
Savoury Kozukottai
Black gram (urad) dal - ½ cup
Bengal gram (chana) dal - 1/3 cup
Green chillies - 1 tsp, chopped
Salt - to taste
Gingelly oil - 2 Tbsp
Mustard - ½ tsp
Asafoetida - little
Soak both the dals together for 1 hour.
Drain, add salt and grind to a stiff batter, using as little water as possible. add green
Place the batter in a greased plate to a 1" layer and steam for 15 minutes.
Cool, cut into pieces and crumble.
Heat oil, season with mustard and Asafoetida and add to the dal mixture.
To prepare Kozukottai
Divide the covering dough into as many portions as the varieties of Kozukottai you
intend making. Keep it covered all the time to prevent it from drying. Take one portion
and knead it well with greased palm. Take a small portion and flatten on greases left
palm into a thin disk. (If it is not pliable or breaks, dip your hand in hot water and
knead the dough well ) place some filling in centre and bring up the edges to cover the
filling and form a conical shape. (This is the traditional shape. But if you find it
difficult, shape the kozukottai like samosa) Place the Kozukottais on a grease plate
(the plate may be lined with a piece of grease banana leaf if available) and steam for
10 minutes.
Pidi Kozukottai
Raw rice - 1 cup
Salt - to taste
Gingelly oil - 2 Tbsp
Mustard - 1 tsp
Black gram (urad dal) - 2 tsp
Asafoetida - little
Wash and soak rice in water for 2 hours.
Drain and grind to a coarse batter to the consistency of idly batter.
Add salt. Heat oil, season with mustard, dal and Asafoetida. Add to the batter.
Pour the batter in a thick pan (kadai) and cook stirring till it forms a lump.
Cool slightly and shape into small ovals. Steam for 15 minutes.
Steamed Modak
Rice flour - 2 cups
Water - 2 cups *
Salt - ½ tsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Oil - 1 tsp
For Filling
Grated coconut - 4 cups
Powdered jaggery - 2 cups
Roasted poppy seeds - 2 Tbsp
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
* The quantity of water may vary slightly according to the quality of rice flour.
Boil the water with salt, sugar and oil.
Add the rice flour and cook on a slow flame till it forms one lump like a soft dough.
Cool slightly and knead with greased hand till smooth. (The dough should be pliable
but not sticky.
If it is too stiff, dip your hand in hot water while kneading the dough. If it is too sticky,
sprinkle a little rice powder and cook a little longer.)
For Filling
Combine coconut and jaggery and stir over a low flame till the jaggery melts and the
moisture from coconut is absorbed. Add the other ingredients.
To make the modak, take a lime size ball of the dough on your left palm.
Flatten into a small poori, with the edges thinner than the centre.
Place a little filling in the centre and gather the edges in pleats and bring them up to
enclose the filling, making a conical shape.
Prepare all the modaks thus and steam for 15 minutes.

Ukdee Che Modak (Rice modak)
1 cup rice flour (made from ambemor rice preferably)
1 cup water
2 tbsp.ghee
1 pinch soda bicarb
1/4 tsp. salt
1 cup desiccated coconut scraped finely
1/2 cup jaggery grated
1 tbsp. khuskhus (poppy) seeds roasted
1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
Mix all ingredients for filling in a nonstick pan. Cook, stirring gently all the time, till a
very soft lump is formed. Keep aside to cool.
Bring water to boil in a large deep vessel. Add salt and ghee, and allow a rolling boil to
Put flour over boiling water, do not disturb. Cover, and simmer for 2 minutes.
Take off fire, mix with spatula and put into a food processor. Run for a few minutes, till
a soft dough is formed.
Transfer to a large plate and knead with greased hands to a soft smooth dough.
Shape a small lump into a cup with a depression.
Place a tsp. of filling in this depression. Cover with surrounding dough, and roll into a
modak shape.
If shaping by hand make a bulbous shape, then pinch 7-8 vertical lines from tip to
base all around.
Or use a modak mould to press into desired shape. Repeat for all dough and mixture.
Arrange in a perforated flat-bottomed bowl, placing it over steam in a double boiler.
Steam covered for 15-18 minutes. Serve hot or cold, with ghee if desired.

Pooran Poli
Maida - 1 1/4 cup
Turmeric powder - ¼ tsp.
Oil or ghee - 2 tbsp
Powdered sugar - 2 tsp
Water - to mix
Oil or ghee - to pour on top (4-5 tbsp)
Bengal gram (chana dal) - 1 cup
Jaggery powder - 1 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Mix maida with turmeric powder and powdered sugar.
Add water, make a soft dough. Knead in the oil or ghee.
Pour extra oil or ghee on top and keep covered till the filling is ready.
Cook dal till soft but not mushy. Strain and cool. Add jaggery and grind in a mixie till
smooth. Add cardamom powder.
Place the mixture in a kadai and cook stirring till the mixture can be shaped into soft
Take a little dough on your palm and flatten into a round sheet. Place a ball of filling
over it.
Bring up the edges of the dough and cover the ball.
Roll out to thin rounds, on a butter paper or plastic sheet.
Cook on a hot tawa without adding any fat. Use all the dough and filling thus.
Serve smeared with with melted ghee.

Pancha Kajjaya
Thin beaten rice (poha) - 4 cups
Grated coconut - 4 cups
White sesame seeds - 4 tbsp
Powdered jaggery - 3 cups
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
Mix beaten rice with coconut and keep aside for ½ hour.
Add rest of the ingredients and mix.
Arrange in a shallow dish and pour about 2 tbsp of honey over it and decorate with
slices of bananas.

Motichoor Ladoo
2 1/2 cups gram flour (not superfine variety)
500 ml. milk
1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
3 cups ghee for deep frying
a fine holed shallow strainer spoon
For Syrup:
Put sugar and water in a vessel and boil. When sugar dissolves, add milk.
Boil for 5 minutes till scum forms on top. Strain and return to fire.
Add colour and boil till sticky but no thread has formed.
Add cardamom powder and mix. Keep aside.
For Boondi:
Mix flour and milk to a smooth batter. Heat ghee in a heavy frying pan.
Hold strainer on top with one hand. With the other pour some batter all over the holes.
Tap gently till all batter has fallen into hot ghee. Stir with another strainer and remove
when light golden.
Keep aside. Repeat for remaining batter. Immerse boondi in syrup.
Drain any excess syrup. Spread in a large plate. Sprinkle few tsp. hot water over it.
Cover and keep for 5 minutes. Shape in laddoos with moist palms.
Cool and keep open to dry, before storing in containers.
For Syrup:
2 1/2 cups sugar
3 1/2 cups water
2 tbsp. milk
few drops saffron (kesari) colour

Rice Kheer
1 litre milk
1/4 cup rice, washed and soaked for 30 minutes.
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. cardamom powder
10-15 strands saffron, crushed, soaked in 1 tsp. warm milk
10 almonds
10 unsalted pistachios
Crush almonds, pistachios coarsely, keep aside.
Boil rice in plenty of water till half done.
Drain, spread on a plate, to cool grains.
Heat milk, bring to a boil.
Add rice, stirring continuously, till boiling resumes.
Simmer, stirring occasionally, to keep rice from sticking to bottom.
Allow rice to cook fully, but not get mushy.
Add sugar, cardamom, saffron, almonds and pistachios.
Stir, simmer for 2 minutes, serve piping hot.
This kheer served with hot wheat flour puris, tastes excellent. One should dip pieces
of the puri in this kheer and pop into the mouth. Is traditionally served this way as part
of a meal in some parts of Rajasthan.

Milk Poli
Rava 2 cups
Salt 1 pinch
Ghee 4 teaspoons
Milk 4 cups
Sugar 1- 1 1/2 cups Cardamom
Saffron To taste
Knead the above ingredients into a firm dough
Roll out into thin poories
Deep fry in ghee and store in airtight container.
Boil milk on slow flame. When reduced add sugar and continue to boil slowly.
Remove the milk from flame. Add the poli one by one and let it soak well.
Store poli's separately as well-soaked poli's tend to stick together.
Serve chilled.

Kaju Burfi
150 gm cashewnuts
400 gm sugar
elaichi powdered
silver foil (optional)
500 gm khoya
Dry grind the cashew
Mix khoya (grated) and sugar
Heat in a heavy pan, stirring continuously.
Once the sugar dissolves, add the cashew (powdered) and elaichi
Cooking, constantly stir till soft lump is formed and does not stick to sides
Roll on a flat surface to desired thickness and apply silver foil.
Rava Ladoo
3 1/2 cups Rava/ Sooji
3 cups Sugar
10-12 Elaichi's powder
1 cup Water
1 small cup Dry Coconut
2 tbsp Ghee
Cook sugar and water on medium gas till it forms a good syrup.
On other side heat 2 tbsp ghee in a pan.
Add rava in it and fry till rava becomes slightly brown and it leaves good aroma.
Then mix Elaichi powder and dry coconut in it.
Mix well and cook for more 2 minutes.
Then remove the rava in a big plate.
Add Sugar syrup to it and mix well.
Let it cool properly. It may take about half an hour.
Keep stirring in between.
When mixture becomes quite thick make ladoos.
And your tasty Ladoos are ready. You can make about 25 ladoos.
Doodh Peda
2 cups of Milk Powder
3 tbsp of unsalted butter
1/2 cup milk - sufficient enough to make a soft dough
1/2 cup sugar + 1/2 cup water
3 or 4 cardamom (powdered or crushed)
1 tbsp pista crushed
Mix butter and milk powder, and add milk to make a soft dough.
Refrigerate for 15 minutes.
Take out the dough after 15 minutes and crumble it with your finger breaking all the
Make sugar syrup of one strand and put the crumbled dough and keep stirring till it
starts leaving the pan.
Remove it when it starts leaving the pan and cool it lightly.
Make small balls and flatten it into a shape of Peda and decorate it with cardamom
and pista powder on the top.
Nan Khatai
Maida 2 cups
Besan 1 cup
Sugar (powdered) 1 cup
Dalda 1 cup
Sieve together maida, sugar and besan.
To this add dalda (melted) mix till it becomes smooth dough
Make small balls and make desired shape out of it.
Bake in 150-200o C for 20 minutes
You can make about 35-40 pieces out of this.
Bhoondhi Ladoo
1 cup Channa Besan
(make sure it should not have clumps.)
1 Tsp Rice Flour
Salt 1 pinch
8-10 Cashews
8-10 Raisins
4-5 Cloves
Orange colour
4 tbsp Ghee.
8-10 Elaichi (powdered)
Oil for frying
Mix channa besan, rice flour, pinch of orange colour and salt with water. (the
consistency should be like dosa mix so that it should be easy to make boondi)
Heat oil in a frying pan. In the mean time in a pan heat 3/4 cup of water. Bring it to
boil. Then add 1 3/4 of sugar. Put it in medium heat to make the sugar syrup.
(Care should be taken that the sugar syrup is not over done. Using a spoon take few
drops of sugar syrup, when you pour it from the spoon the last drop of the syrup
should form a thin continuous line. If it doesn't keep it for boiling for another 2 minutes.)
When the oil is heated up, using a cup pour the mix little by little on a perforated spoon
to make boondi. Fry it for 3 minutes. Continue with the remaining mix. In a heated pan
add 1 tbsp of ghee and fry cloves and cashews. Keep it aside.
Once the boondies are done put it in a vessel and smash 1/4 of boondi with a spoon
then add the sugar syrup, raisins, fried cashews , cloves, powdered elaichi and the
remaining ghee.
Make it into a ball (even when it is hot.)
For making Sugar Syrup
Sugar - 1 3/4 cup
Water - 3/4 cup
1 cup Rava or Suji
1 cup Sugar
4 cups Water
1/2 cup or more Ghee for roasting suji
1/4 cup sliced Almonds and Cashews
Some Raisins (optional)
Roast rava in ghee until ghee leaves and rava turns light brown.
Add Sugar and water and raisins (optional). Keep stirring till thick.
Add almonds and cashews. Serve hot.
Moong Dal Halwa
1 cup moong dal soaked overnight.
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp ghee
200 ml whole milk
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
1/4 tsp nutmeg powder
1/4 tsp saffron
Some cashew, almond, pista.
Grind dal into fine paste without adding too much water.
Heat ghee in a kadai. Add dal paste into it.
Fry well till all water has dried up & dal turns light pink in colour.
Add milk and sugar to it. Keep stirring frequently.
Then add the rest and let cool.
1 tbsp red chilli powder
2 tbsp sesame seeds
1/4 cup heated oil
Oil for deep frying
1/2 cup bajra
1 cup rice
1 cup jowar
1/2 cup urad dal
2 tbsp coriander seed
2 tbsp cummin seeds
Salt as per taste
Mix together all the roasted ingredients. Grind into fine dry powder.
Add salt, chilli powder, sesame seeds and heated oil.
Knead into smooth dough by adding lukewarm water.
Cover with muslin cloth, and keep aside for an hour.
Make small balls. Roll the balls into pencil-shape.
Fold the ends of each roll in the center. Heat the oil for frying.
Deep fry on medium flame till golden brown. Drain and let it cool.
Store in air-tight container.
Khopra Karanji
1 cup desiccated coconut, powdered
1/2 cup almonds, powdered
1/2 cup raisins, wiped clean
3/4 cup sugar, powdered
1 tsp. cardamom powder
2 pinches cinnamon powder
1 cup plain flour (maida)
1 tbsp. ghee
water to knead
For Filling
Mix all ingredients together, press lightly into a container.
Keep aside till required.
For Cover
Mix flour and ghee well.
Add enough water to make soft pliable dough.
Keep aside.
Make small (4 ") rounds, not too thin not too thick of the dough.
Place 1 tsp. filling in one half of round .
Fold over the other half, sealing in the mixture.
Seal edges by twisting or pressing together .
Make all in t he same way.
Dry on clean cloth for 30 minutes.
Deep fry in hot ghee on low till light brown on both sides.
Drain and cool completely before storing.
Besan ke Ladoo
3 cups gram flour
1/2 cup semolina (rava)
1/2 cup milk
2 cups sugar, powdered
1 cup ghee
1 tsp. cardamom powder
2 drops kewra or rose essence (optional)
Put ghee to warm in a heavy pan.
Add flour, rava, stir fry on low flame, stirring continuously with a spatula.
This step takes time, so do not roast on high flame, end result will not be good.
When flour is golden brown and aroma exudes, take off fire.
Add milk, run in a mixie for a few seconds till well mixed.
Cool, add sugar, cardamom, essence , mix well.
Shape into laddoos of desired shape.
Cool completely, before storing in airtight container.
Note: Besan laddoos will turn out better, if the gram dal is first lightly roasted before
grinding to a flour.
Coconut Poli
3 cups gram flour
2 cups of Grated fresh coconut
2 cups of jaggery
1 tsp of cardamom powder
2 tsps of poppy seeds (make grind to paste)
2 cups of maida
1/2 cup of oil
water (approximately 1/4 cup).
Make a dough by taking maida(all purpose flour), and oil. Add water bit by bit until it
forms into a soft dough. It should be soft and a bit oily. keep aside for 2 hours.
Take a non-stick pan and place it on a medium set stove top. Put jaggery and coconut
in pan. Allow it cook thoroughly.
Add cardamom and poppy seeds in that and mix it well. Keep stirring in between. The
consistency should be thick like chana puran.
Once it gets thickened allow it to cool. Make small balls out of it.
Heat the griddle or tava(pan) on the stove top. Take a small ball size dough and roll it.
Take coconut ball and stuff it in the dough. Dust with rice flour and start rolling it.
Roll it nicely and put it on a pan. Pour 1 tsp of oil onto it. Flip it over and allow it to get
cooked thoroughly.
While serving apply a tsp of ghee.
Maida - 2 cups
Melted hot ghee - ¼ cup
Salt - 1 tsp
Sugar - 2 tsp
Cooking soda - ¼ tsp
Oil - to fry
Combine all the ingredients except the oil and.
Add enough water and make a dough as for chapathis.
Divide the dough into orange size balls. Keep them covered with a wet cloth.
Roll out each ball to 1/8" thickness and cut into small diamond shapes.
Deep fry them in moderately hot oil till they puff and become crisp.
Cool and store in air tight container.
Easy Chakli
Wheat flour - 1 cup
Rice flour - ½ cup
Maida - ½ cup
Besan (chick peas flour) - ½ cup
Salt - to taste
Chilli powder - ½ tsp
White sesame seeds - 2 tsp
Cumin seeds - 2 tsp
Butter - 3 tbsp
Oil - to fry
Mix all the four flours. Place in a muslin cloth and tie with a string.
Place in a steamer and steam for 20 minutes.
Remove the string and beat the ball of flours with a wooden spoon to powder it.
Sift to remove any lumps, powder the lumps and sift again.
Add rest of the ingredients except the oil. Add water little at a time and knead into a
soft but not sticky dough.
Place some dough in the chakli press and make discs of concentric circles, on a piece
of butter paper or plastic sheet.
Transfer the discs carefully into moderately hot oil and fry till crisp.
Use all the dough thus.
Cool and store in in tight container.
Ripe banana pieces - 1 cup
Maida - ¼ cup
Fine rava - ¼ cup
Jaggery - 3 tbsp
Salt - a pinch
Oil - to deep fry
Mash the bananas, add jaggery, mix till jaggery is dissolved.
Add maida, rava and salt.
Take small portions of the mixture, shape like a thick disc and deep fry in moderately
hot oil.
Urad Vada
1/2 kg urad dhal, soaked 1-2 hrs
Red chillies 2, cut
Ginger small piece
Green chillies 3, cut
Salt to taste
Spring curry leaves few, broken
Oil for deep frying
Wash and grind the urad dhal to a thick paste.
While grinding add green, red chillies & ginger remove.
Mix with curry leaves, salt.
Next, keep kadai with enough oil to deep fry vadas.
Once the oil is heated, form small balls of the made paste and drop into the kadai, fry
on medium fire until light brown.
Drain and remove them on the paper (so the excess oil is absorbed).
Serve hot with chutney or any available sauce.
Maida Muruku
250 gms Maida
2 spoons of Salt
1 table spoon of Til.
200 gms Oil to fry
Take maida in a dry vessel and add salt and cook without water and a lid in pressure
cooker for about 20 minutes.
After the maida gets cooled add required quantity of water and make paste.
Then take muruku gottam and make murukus and fry in the oil. They will be very easy
and tasty.
1 cup chickpeas brown soaked overnight
4-5 green chillies sliced fine
1/2 cup fresh coconut scraped
1/4 tsp. mustard seeds
1/2 tsp. cumin seeds
1 stalk curry leaves
1 tsp. coriander leaves finely chopped
2 tsp. lemon juice
2-3 pinches asafoetida
salt to taste
1 tbsp. oil
Pressure cook peas till tender (5-6 whistles).
Drain and keep aside.
Heat oil, add seeds allow to splutter.
Add chillies, curry leaves and stir.
Add peas, coconut and other ingredients, except coriander.
Stir cook till the water is evaporated.
Serve hot or cold.
Mor Kuzhambu
1 container Yoghurt (big one)
4-5 Green Chillies
1/2 cup Grated Coconut (desiccated can be used)
1/4 tsp Cumin seeds
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1/4 tsp Methi seeds
Curry leaves
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds and Coriander Leaves for seasoning
Take the Yoghurt in a container and add little water and make it like like a uniform
Add methi seeds, turmeric powder, salt and keep it aside.
Grind coconut, cumin seeds and green chillies in a blender and make a paste.
Add the paste to the yoghurt.
Keep it in the stove for a little while until nice foam comes up on the surface.
Switch the stove off. (if you over cook it yoghurt will get denaturated in to water) then
season it with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and coriander leaves.
Good for Rotis as well as Rice. Excellent to go with Paruppu Usli. Don't reheat it.

Enjoy Cooking and don't forget to share the happiness :-)

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