October 5, 2013

Seven Day Weight Loss Plan and Food Diet Tips

Seven Day Weight Loss Plan for One Week and Food Diet Tips

Here is the Diet Plan to shed those extra pounds. The simple meal plan below could be used along with your work out regimen to shed kilos in no matter of time. So, here we go.


Breakfast: 3/4 cup bran flakes, any one fruit like apple or banana, 1 cup fat-free milk.
Lunch: Replace white carbohydrates like rice, bread, potato or pasta with whole wheat bread or chapati, 1 piece of cheese, chicken, 1 teaspoon light mayonnaise, and salad greens or fruit.
Dinner: Fish, steamed broccoli, grated cheese and fat free ice cream.


Start your day with a table spoon of lemon juice mixed with honey.
Breakfast: Cereal with fat free milk. Lunch: 2 chapatis or a small bowl of rice with vegetables.
Snack: Oat meal biscuits with tea (Try green tea, which is highly recommended for weight loss and health.)
Dinner: Light dinner of salad or whole wheat bread sandwich.


Start your day with black coffee or tea.
Breakfast: Cooked oatmeal in fat free milk, half apple or banana topped with a teaspoon of honey.
Lunch: 1 cup rice, and dal, vegetable curry, any fruits like grapes, or bananas.
Dinner: Steamed shrimp, vegetable curry, chapatis, and baked or steamed potato.


Green tea is a good option to kick off your day.
Breakfast: Fruits like apples, banana, and fat free yoghurt.
Lunch: Tomato soup, roasted beef, radish, lettuce, tomato, pear and whole wheat chapatti with 1 cup of chopped vegetables.
Dinner: Cooked brown rice and pineapple/apple/orange pieces.


Breakfast: 1/2 cup berries, a few almonds and 1 pint of fat free milk.
Lunch: Fat free beans and 1 chapati with vegetables or cheese, cucumber slices.
Dinner: Green salad with fat free dressing, chapati.


Breakfast: 1 Idli or chapati, with vegetable curry. 1/2 sliced banana, skimmed milk.
Lunch: 1 chapati, 1 cup of rice, light yoghurt, fish curry, mustard, cucumber, tomatoes and onion slices.
Dinner: Brown rice, steamed spinach and an apple.


Breakfast: Muesli with skimmed milk or chapati with cheese, tomato slice.
Lunch: Rice, salads, vegetables.
Dinner: Grilled chicken, chapati, pineapple slices.

Seven Good Tips for Your Diet Plan :

1) You can follow an easy diet plan in the following line. You are free to make minor changes to suit your tastes
2) Include five small meals per day including breakfast, lunch and dinner along with two snacks in between. A meal should ideally contain 400 to 500 calories and snacks less than 200 calories
3) Drink fresh water all through the day. Avoid soft drinks and soda instead includes tomato or lemon juice in your diet.
4) Eat your food slowly. For snacks instead of fried items or sweets, try nuts or fruits and protein shake, or salads. Settle for sugar free and low carb options while buying ice creams and cakes.
5) Spicy food containing chili pepper is thought to have weight reducing properties.
6) Drink lots of water to lose weight fast. Make sure to consult your doctor before starting any diet plan. Denying food to your body is not the solution to lose weight. Instead choose your menu carefully and see the pounds drop slowly yet steadily!
7) Make sure to eliminate high carbohydrate foods and include fruits, vegetables and high protein food. Eating food in smaller portions rather than one big meal will be beneficial

Source : http://in.lifestyle.yahoo.com/

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