January 11, 2012

Datawind Aakash Tablet : Get Your Questions Answered Here

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the difference between Aakash, UbiSlate7 and UbiSlate7+?
A. Aakash and UbiSlate7 are names of the same product. Aakash is the name given by the Government of India and it is procuring quantities to deliver to students across India at a subsidized price.  UbiSlate7 is the name for the commercial version made available for all.
UbiSlate7+ is the next generation of UbiSlate7/Aakash which comes with upgraded features.

Q. How do you connect to the internet on Ubislate7 and Ubislate7+?
A. You can connect to the internet using WiFi at any hotspot with Ubislate7/Aakash. Ubislate7+ gives the added option to connect to the internet anywhere using GPRS with a SIM card, along with the option to connect via WiFi at a hotspot. A monthly plan of Rs.99/- for 2GB of data usage will also be made available to customers.

Q. Does Ubislate7 or Ubislate7+support SIM and can be used to make phone calls?
A.  Ubislate7+ will have a GPRS module ensuring SIM and phone functionality and can be used to make phone calls. Ubislate7/Aakash does not support SIM and phone functionality. 

Q. Will both the versions have a resistive screen?
A. Yes. Both Ubislate7 and Ubislate7+ have resistive screens.

Q. Is there any warranty available for Aakash/Ubislate7 and Ubislate7+?
A. Yes. One year warranty on all products.

Q. Are there cameras installed on Ubislate7 or Ubslate7+?
A. No cameras are pre-installed in any device.

Q. Which App Store will come pre-installed on Ubislate7 and Ubislate7+?
A. GetJar App Store will be preinstalled on all Ubislate7 and Ubislate7+ devices giving the users an option to download thousands of apps of their choice.

Q. Can users play games on Ubislate7/ Ubislate7+?
A. Users will be able to choose from a large variety of games on these devices.


Q. Is Ubislate7+ available only online? Is there any other way to book it?
A. You can only book UbiSlate7+ through our website.

Q. What do you mean by ‘Sold Out’? I booked Aakash and haven’t received it yet?
A. ‘Sold Out’ means that we have stopped taking any pre-orders for Aakash. If you have pre-booked it, you’ll be contacted by Datawind with an offer to pay and get delivery of your device. All customers are being contacted in the order their pre-orders were received.

Q. What is the expected delivery timeline for Aakash/Ubislate7?
A. Aakash/Ubislate7 devices are being delivered right now to customers, based on the order of their pre-booking. Datawind will continue to deliver to customers till stocks run out. If you have ordered an Aakash and have not received a delivery yet, please wait for Datawind to contact you via email/phone in the order your order was received. We expect to complete this process through the month of January.

Q. How much time would it take to deliver Aakash/Ubislate7 once the online payment is made by the user?
A. 5-7 business days. In case the shipment is late they should contact the numbers in the confirmation emails.

Q. When is Ubislate7+ expected to be launched and made available to customers?
A. The current expected launch date is late January 2012. The deliveries will begin to customers based on the order in which they ordered Ubislate7+ online. Everyone who ordered online will be contacted by us and offered to complete their purchases.

Q. What is the expected delivery timeline for Ubislate7+?
A. Ubislate7+ deliveries will begin end of January and customers will be contacted in the following months and deliveries will be processed. If you are pre-ordering Ubislate7+ now, expect a delivery date no sooner than March.

Q. How does this fulfillment process work?
  • Customers pre-order the tablet on the website.
  • Datawind will contact each customer via phone/email when their order is ready to be shipped.
  • Customers will be contacted in the order their pre-orders were received by Datawind.
  • When the customer is contacted, they will be offered different options to pay for their order (includes Online Payment/Check/Demand Draft/Cash On delivery methods). The customer can choose a method of payment of their choice.
  • The customer can also opt to cancel their pre-order.
  • The device will be shipped to the customer via a courier service.
  • For any technical issues after you get the delivery there will be dedicated technical customer support numbers in the device package.
Q. Would the UbiSlate7/Aakash bookings reopen in the future?
A. There are no current plans to reopen the bookings for UbiSlate7/Aakash.

Q. Will the tablet get delivered only to selected cities or every part of the country?
A. Every part of the country.

Q. Will the tablet be delivered by a courier service?
A. Yes.

Q. How can I be sure that my pre-booking for Ubislate7+ is confirmed?
A.Your Booking ID is your confirmation.

Q. Will Datawind deliver Ubislate7+ once I have pre-booked it, or do I need to book it again once it is launched in the market?
A. You don't need to book again. These current bookings will be used to deliver the devices to customers in the order their bookings were received.

Q. How can I cancel my order?
A. You do not have to do anything. When you are contacted by Datawind, with an offer to pay for your delivery, you can choose to decline the offer.


Q. Will students get a discount? How will you determine if someone is a student?
A. This sale is for wider public and not for ‘students only’. The Government has a program to distribute Aakash tablets to the student community at a subsidized rate. Students should wait for the government to announce the distribution details for that program.

Q. Do we have any information about the concession that the students are getting on Aakash tablet? When and from where can we get this concession?
A. Datawind does not have that information. Students should contact their educational institutions or the government for more information on that. The subsidy for students is proposed by the government through its own distribution channels.

Q. Are there any service centers for the tablet? In case yes, where would they be located?
A. Customers can contact the 'Technical Customer Support' number for any issues/help with the tablets. You’ll find these numbers in the device packaging after you receive it. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, the customers can take it to our partner customer service center locations, located all over India. Detailed information on the location of these centers will be made public very soon on our website.

Q. What all accessories are available, and what is the costing for the same?
A. Accessories are being finalized.  A device cover, keyboard, headphones and a car charger will be offered for sale from our website very soon.

 Customer Support

Q. I am not being able to get through on the customer care number. Is there any other number where I can call?
A.  Our primary customer support number is 1-800-180-2-180. Due to overwhelming demand, we are experiencing a very high call volume at our customer support centers. We are working with extreme urgency to build our capacity to respond to each and every one of you.  If you cannot get through the customer support number, please email us at supportin@datawind.com and we’ll get back to you.

Q. Where do I contact if I have issues after I receive my device?
A. Please contact at the technical support numbers given in the device package for any issues or questions about the device usage.

Call: 01832580177 or 01832581330 during the hours of 10am – 6:30pm IST. Please call these numbers only if you have a technical issue with the device. Customer support agents at these numbers will not be able to assist you in any sales/order related queries.

  Source http://aakashtablet.com


  1. what are the acessories will we get by my ubislate7+ without giving any extra charge for acessories.

    1. Datawind has not updated the same yet. Request you to wait for some time.

    2. You will just get a charger and nothing else. I got delivery of Ubislate 7C+. Ans I should say that this is a nice tablet running ICS and having Wi-Fi as well as GPRS support...

  2. what are the costs of keyboard case,headphone,car chargerand tablet cover?????????????????

    1. The Vendor Datawind has not yet given any clarifications on this. We have to wait and watch.

  3. Respected sir,
    I have pre-booked ubislate tab my Booking ID:PM407BCE8A54 (pre-booked of AAKASH Ubislate7+)and I was send the DD of Rs:2999/-DD No:228518,Dated 12/01/2012, HDFC Bank Mumbai and Professional Courier Consignment No :VPL 113471566.still they did not give any reply or confirmation.
    Kindly helpme out.my Email Id:govind1968in@yahoo.co.in,Mobile No:09819727468.


    1. Hi ,

      I guess no. payment is required in advance. The payment is to be made as cash on delivery. Request you to visit the following site for more information..

      http://aakashtablet.com . The customer care nos. are also available.


    2. One more thing .. Mr. Govind, avoid sharing your personal information over any open space blogs that could be dangerous and risky.


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